17 January 2019 · Travel Tips


How to get the MOST out of your NEW TYRES

Just got fresh new tyres? Want to know how to maximise their mileage? Here’s a few things you could start doing to save you some money!

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Checking your tyres on a regular basis is a good habit to get into as you want to maintain good handling, steering and above all, safety. Your tyres are constantly running on the road, and with that comes wear and tear.

A good place to start is your tread. There are a few ways to check if your tyres have sufficient tread to handle dry and wet roads. The easiest being all tyres have small bars running across the grooves called “tread-wear indicators”. If you find that the tread of your tyres are close to these indicators, it’s time to book in to get them replaced. It is very dangerous and illegal to be driving on worn-out tyres.

Your tyre pressure is another good habit to check. Owning a device such as tyre pressure gauges are a good start. Usually in the shape on a pen, the mechanical device is able to tell you what PSI your tyre is currently at. This will guide you to add more or release air from your tyre. In the case of adding air to your tyres, air hoses with tyre pressure gauges are available for use at most service stations. The recommended pressure should be labelled on the outside of the tyre.

Finally, to increase the longevity and comfort of your tyres, enquire to get a wheel alignment and wheels rotated. If not professionally done, your wheels will cause unnecessary stress on your vehicle, causing it to work harder, burn more fuel and additional wear and tear on the tyre. Overall, this will also reduce vehicle drift whilst driving on long stretches of road. Having your wheels rotated will help with getting the most out of your tyres as wear and tear varies per tyre.

Having a good amount of tread, correct tyre pressure, wheels aligned and tyres rotated regularly are excellent ways to reduce running costs of your vehicle and to keep you safe on the road. As they say, there are only 4 hand prints worth of tread in contact with the road at any one time so it’s a good to maintain those 4 hand prints as best as you can.