Payments Accepted

Here at Penrith Toyota, we accept the following types of payments

What forms of payment are accepted at Penrith Toyota?
We welcome cash and EFTPOS. We also accept all major credit cards, except American Express and Diners Club. Please note, however, that there is a 0.5% surcharge on all credit card purchases to cover the cost of the service.

Why does Penrith Toyota charge a credit card surcharge?
Penrith Toyota offers Visa and MasterCard as payment methods for customers, as well as contactless transactions, however, there are very high costs associated with accepting these cards. Rather than Penrith Toyota inflating prices across the board to compensate for the credit card acceptance costs (like most of the retailers do) Penrith Toyota instead allows customers to make the choice as to the payment method they prefer. This allows customers who choose the lower cost method of payment, to receive the direct benefit by way of lower prices.

Is there a surcharge on contactless transactions?
The contactless option of payment registers as a credit card purchase through the bank and the 0.5% surcharge automatically is added. Penrith Toyota suggests that you contact the financial institution your card is with for further details on their terms and conditions of use for contactless transactions.

I purchased a vehicle two weeks ago and paid by EFTPOS but the charge has not come through yet?
All EFTPOS vouchers are processed by Penrith Toyota on a daily basis. From time to time there are 'glitches' between the banks. Unfortunately, as we do not have authority to discuss your account with the bank, you will need to contact your bank to follow up the matter. 

Why can't customers pay over the phone?
We endeavour to keep our business simple and efficient so that we can pass the savings on to you. Offering such a service would add costs to our business which we would then have to pass onto you via higher prices. The higher prices would be worn by all of our customers, including those who didn’t use the service.