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What is AutoMe Assurance?

AutoMe Assurances Excess Reimbursement will pay up to a $2,000 excess for an eligible at-fault claim or $500 for any At-Fault Collision Claim relating to a weather event including hail, storm, cyclone, bushfire, or flood damage within the first 12 months.

How to get AutoMe Assurance Excess Reimbursement

To be eligible you must take out an eligible full comprehensive insurance policy from Penrith City Automotive.

How AutoMe Assurance Works

If you were to get in to an accident in your vehicle and deemed to be the party at fault you would then need to pay the excess relevant to your policy to your insurer.

Once you have paid the excess to your insurer, you will then need to make a claim at: www.awninsurance.com.au/PDF/AutoMe.pdf

You will need to make sure you have a copy of the comprehensive insurance policy, a copy of the drivers license of the driver at the time of the accident and a completed AutoMe Assurance Excess Plus Reimbursement claim form.

AutoMe Assurance FAQ's

  • Q What event needs to occur that allows me to make a claim with the AutoME Assurance Excess Reimbursem

    The AutoME Assurance Excess Reimbursement will pay up to:

    - $2,000 for any At-Fault Collision excluding any weather event Claim relating to hail, storm, cyclone, bushfire, or flood damage; or

    - $500 for any At-Fault Collision Claim relating to a weather event including hail, storm, cyclone, bushfire, or flood damage.
    With regard to ‘at-fault’, this means you or an approved driver are to blame or are responsible for a particular ‘situation’ that has incurred an insured event. This ‘situation’ would be a collision between your car and another object, and that object can be another car, a tree, a kangaroo or a similar animal, a bollard in a car park or something that has been classified by the insurer as an at-fault situation.

  • Q When would a car accident not be an at-fault incident?

    This would apply when you have satisfied your insurer that you were not at fault, and they have not held you responsible for any payment of an excess.

  • Q If a storm caused a tree branch to fall on a car, would this be an at-fault for collision damage?

    A $500 limit applies to an at-fault claim of this nature.

  • Q If I have a car hit mine and I am not at fault, but I have to pay the excess, can I get a reimburse

    If the insurer has charged you an excess in this situation, they have determined it as a at-fault claim, therefore we would pay a reimbursement up to $2,000

  • Q Can I forward this product to my insurer and have AutoME Assurance pay them directly?

    No, this is a reimbursement product and we will require confirmation from you that you have paid the excess directly to the insurer.

  • Q What happens if I am not driving the car?

    As long as the car is being driven by a person approved by your car’s comprehensive insurance provider, the benefits of this product still apply; keeping in mind that the driver must be over 21 and have a full driver’s licence to be eligible to claim a benefit from this certificate. 

  • Q Does this cover the age excess?

    No, this only covers what is considered the Basic Excess. This terminology varies from insurer to insurer, but this product does not cover age excesses or special condition excesses.

  • Q What happens if the repair is under $2000?

    If the repair is under $2,000, you as the customer must make an economic decision to pay it directly or claim on your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and risk losing your no-claim bonus. If you register a valid claim and there is an excess due to an at-fault collision you can claim a benefit on this product for the basic excess, up to $2,000. Please keep in mind that no benefit is applicable if the repair is under $1,000.

  • Q What happens if I change insurers within the year, am I still covered?

    This product is valid regardless of which comprehensive car insurance provider you are covered with. The only applicable condition is that you must purchase comprehensive car insurance through the originating motor dealer where you purchased your car.

  • Q Is car theft covered?

    No, this is not considered an at-fault collision and is therefore excluded from this coverage.

  • Q Can the Certificate be issued under a business name?

     Yes, if the comprehensive car insurance is in a business name this can be replicated on the AutoME Assurance Excess Reimbursement Certificate, but please keep in mind if the car is used for commercial purposes this is an exclusion to receiving any benefit from this certificate. This means the covered vehicle cannot be used for commercial use; namely, the business of transporting goods or passengers for reward (Uber, Taxi, courier, etc)

  • Q If I have one claim in a year, can I renew for the second year?

    This is a renewable product and AutoME Assurance will reach out to you closer to the expiry date and offer you a renewable product, keeping in mind there are terms and conditions applicable in the issuing of this product.

  • Q If I want a lower excess than $2,000, can I still issue an AutoME Assurance Excess Reimbursement Cer

    Yes, whilst the maximum benefit is $2,000 if the excess was only $800 that would be paid in the event of an at-fault collision.